FAQ (For those who visit our facility)

About Nippon Budokan

The Nippon Budokan was built in Kitanomaru Park near the imperial palace. Construction was completed on Oct.3, 1964 and was aided by a financial donation from His Majesty the Emperor. The Nippon Budokan has continued to serve as the central organization for the promotion of Japanese Budō.

Nippon Budokan Usage –The facilities at the Nippon Budokan are made available for various Budō events such as tournaments and demonstrations. It is also used as a venue for various national, educational, and large-scale commercial events such as concerts etc.

The Nippon Budokan serves as an important venue for significant events for all of the Budō.
The Nippon Budokan Kenshū Center is located at the hills overlooking the fishing town of Katsuura. It is used extensively as a venue for seminars, training camps, and regular training for local clubs.

Access to Nippon Budokan (In Tokyo)

5 min walk from Kudanshita Sta. (Hanzomon line, Tozai line or Toei Shinjuku line).
Please refer this map.
Please come by public transport (We have no parking space).

Access to Nippon Budokan Kenshū Center (In Chiba)

By car= Please refer this map.
On train=Tokyo-Katsuura for 90 min by keiyo line express WAKASHIO. 15 min walk on foot from Katsuura sta.

About things left behind.

Please call to security division (TEL=03-3216-5110, 9:30AM-17:00PM)

About watching inside of facilities.

While exhibitions or concert programs are going, visitors can’t enter inside.
But, some Budō tournaments or championships (mainly on Saturday or Sunday) are admission free.
Please refer this annual schedule(Japanese only).

Asking about the concert program at our venue (purchasing ticket etc.).

Please ask to the promoter of exhibitions (concert programs).
We cannot answer to questions about the details of events.

About Budo gakuen (Budo school).

Time table=please refer to here
Observation only (no experience program)
Please be quiet and refrain from taking photos during observation.

Asking more information about Budō.

Please refer these sites of Budō Federations (English site)