The Budō Charter for Young People

Budō, the martial ways of Japan, are forms of traditional culture that hold in esteem a traditional martial spirit passed down since ancient times. Through the practice of budō, the student learns correct manners, refines his or her technical skills, and develops the mind and body to become a virtuous human being.

The student of budō does not only focus on the lesser goals of technical skill or winning competitions, but strives to understand the true ideals of budō and cherish its traditions.

The following articles outlined in the “Budō Charter for Young People” must be upheld by young practitioners in order for them to benefit from their study and to appreciate the ideals of budō.

Article 1:Objective

Endowed with a strong sense of justice, courage, consideration for others, and healthy bodies and minds achieved through training in the techniques of budō, we will aspire to become people useful to society.

Article 2:Keiko- Practice

When training in budō, we will abide by the traditional forms of etiquette and the lessons of our teachers. We will practise the fundamental techniques as accurately as possible, trying to learn not only the techniques, but will strive to strengthen our bodies and minds to the best of our abilities.

Article 3:Shiai- Competition

In matches (shiai) and demonstrations (embu) we will make every effort to demonstrate the skills we have acquired in the course of our training. We will do so with an earnest and dignified attitude, without becoming obsessed with winning or losing.

Article 4:Dōjō- Training Hall

The dōjō is a place where we learn our skills and cultivate strength in body and mind. We must follow the rules, behave in a polite manner, and keep the dōjō clean and safe.

Article 5:Peers

We must treasure the friendships we make in the dōjō, and co-operate and support each other. Let us enjoy our training together and strive to make friends with all those around us.

Member Organisations of the Japanese Budō Association

  • Zen Nihon Jūdō Renmei(All Japan Judo Federation)
  • Zen Nippon Kendō Renmei(All Japan Kendo Federation)
  • Zen Nihon Kyūdō Renmei(All Nippon Kyudo Federation)
  • Nihon Sumō Renmei(Japan Sumo Federation)
  • Zen Nihon Karatedō Renmei(Japan Karatedo Federation)
  • Aikikai(Aikikai Foundation)
  • Shōrinji Kempō Renmei(Shorinji Kempo Federation)
  • Zen Nihon Naginata Renmei(All Japan Naginata Federation)
  • Zen Nihon Jūkendō Renmei(All Japan Jukendo Federation)
  • Nippon Budōkan(Nippon Budokan Foundation)
Established on 16 September, 2004 by the Japanese Budō Association (Nippon Budō Kyōgikai)
English translation approved on 1 May, 2009
© 2009 The Japanese Budō Association
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