2022 Budo Cultural Exchange Program Connecting Japan and Hungary (Online)


Featuring a demonstration of modern budo and kobudo, this event connects Japan and Hungary online. As well as showcasing the essence of Japanese budo, there will be an introduction and exhibition of Japanese budo in Hungary. The aim of this budo culture exchange, is to promote international understanding and the dissemination of budo, and foster amity and goodwill between Japan and Hungary.

Date/Time: October15(Saturday) ,2022  Japan time 16:30-21:00
Hungary time  9:30-14:00
Public Viewing: Live Streamed via the Nippon Budokan Official YouTube channel
Event Details: (1)Japan-side:   ①Budo Demonstration (9 modern budo arts)
②Budo Seminar (demonstration/lecture by Kobudo arts)
(2)Hungary-side:  ①Introduction of History (History of Hungary and Japan
 relationship/Japanese Budo History in Hungary/Budo in Hungary)
②Budo Demonstration(Judo/Kendo/Karatedo/Aikido/Kobudo)


■Organizer:Nippon Budokan Foundation/Japanese Budo Association ■Sponsor:Japan Sports Agency/Ministry of Foreign Affairs Embassy of Hungary in Japan/Liszt Hungarian Cultural Institute Tokyo