Karate Its History and Practice

by Koyama Masashi, Wada Koji, Kadekaru Toru
Translated by Alexander Bennett

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好評発売中の単行本『空手道 その歴史と技法』待望の英語版!

This is the English translation of Karatedo: Sono Rekishi to Giho (Karate: Its History and Practice). It was co-authored by Koyama Masashi (Naha line of Goju-ryu), Wada Koji (Shuri tradition of Shotokan), Kadekaru Toru, a leading researcher on Okinawan karate. The book was translated into English by Alexander Bennett, a professor at Kansai University who is well versed in budo as a practitioner and researcher. This is the book that practitioners and researchers around the world have been waiting for.


Chapter 1 Okinawa
Section 1 The History of Karate and Okinawa
Section 2 Three Aspects of Ryukyu Martial Arts
Section 3 Karate after the 1879 Disposition of Ryukyu
Section 4 The Introduction of Karate in Schools (1)
Section 5 The Introduction of Karate in Schools (2)
Section 6 The Spread of Karate in Okinawa
Section 7 The Arrival of Modern Karate (1)
Shifting from Chinese Kempo Origin Theories
Section 8 The Arrival of Modern Karate (2)
Standardisation of New Kata

Chapter 2 Kanto Region
Introduction The Significance of Competition Karate
Section 1 The Foundations Set by Funakoshi
Wada Essay 1 Wayward Pride
Section 2 Karate Takes Root
Wada Essay 2 The Unreasonable “Vaccine”
Section 3 The Spread of Karate in Japan
Wada Essay 3 A 100% Just Fight

Chapter 3 Kansai Region
Section 1 Kano Jigoro and Karate
Section 2 The Dai-Nippon Butokukai and Karate
Section 3 The Creation of Ryuha
Section 4 College Students in the Kansai Region
Koyama Essay 1
Kyoto Budo History—The Gihokai Dojo
Section 5 Ties Between Universities
in East and West Japan

Chapter 4 Postwar Period
Section 1 Introduction
Wada Essay 4 Mita Karate Kai Thursday Club
—Funakoshi Shihan’s Kata
Section 2 International Diffusion:
Technical Changes Through Kumite
Wada Essay 5 Height of the Student Movement —A Discussion with Wako Haruo
Section 3 The 1st Karate World Championships
Wada Essay 6 Weakness of Mind
Section 4 The Internationalisation of Karate
—From its Place of Birth, Okinawa
Section 5 National Sports Festival of Japan
Section 6 Kumite and Kata Competitions
Koyama Essay 2 Kata
Section 7 Compulsory Budo in Junior High Schools, and the Road to the Olympics 374
Special Essay Nagura Toshihisa
Section 8 JKF & WKF: Organisation and Activities

Chapter 5 Special Roundtable Discussion