Karate Its History and Practice

by Koyama Masashi Wada Koji Kadekaru Toru
by Alexander Bennett

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好評発売中の単行本『空手道 その歴史と技法』待望の英語版!

This is the English translation of Karatedo: Sono Rekishi to Giho (Karate: Its History and Practice). It was co-authored by Koyama Masashi (Naha line of Goju-ryu), Wada Koji (Shuri tradition of Shotokan), Kadekaru Toru, a leading researcher on Okinawan karate. The book was translated into English by Alexander Bennett, a professor at Kansai University who is well versed in budo as a practitioner and researcher. Karate is featuring at this year’s Tokyo Olympics for the first time and is attracting international attention. This is the book that practitioners and researchers around the world have been waiting for.


Chapter 1 Okinawa
Section 1 The History of Karate and Okinawa
Section 2 Three Aspects of Ryukyu Martial Arts
Section 3 Karate after the 1879 Disposition of Ryukyu
Section 4 The Introduction of Karate in Schools (1)
Section 5 The Introduction of Karate in Schools (2)
Section 6 The Spread of Karate in Okinawa
Section 7 The Arrival of Modern Karate (1)
Shifting from Chinese Kempo Origin Theories
Section 8 The Arrival of Modern Karate (2)
Standardisation of New Kata

Chapter 2 Kanto Region
Introduction The Significance of Competition Karate
Section 1 The Foundations Set by Funakoshi
Wada Essay 1 Wayward Pride
Section 2 Karate Takes Root
Wada Essay 2 The Unreasonable “Vaccine”
Section 3 The Spread of Karate in Japan
Wada Essay 3 A 100% Just Fight

Chapter 3 Kansai Region
Section 1 Kano Jigoro and Karate
Section 2 The Dai-Nippon Butokukai and Karate
Section 3 The Creation of Ryuha
Section 4 College Students in the Kansai Region
Koyama Essay 1
Kyoto Budo History—The Gihokai Dojo
Section 5 Ties Between Universities
in East and West Japan

Chapter 4 Postwar Period
Section 1 Introduction
Wada Essay 4 Mita Karate Kai Thursday Club
—Funakoshi Shihan’s Kata
Section 2 International Diffusion:
Technical Changes Through Kumite
Wada Essay 5 Height of the Student Movement —A Discussion with Wako Haruo
Section 3 The 1st Karate World Championships
Wada Essay 6 Weakness of Mind
Section 4 The Internationalisation of Karate
—From its Place of Birth, Okinawa
Section 5 National Sports Festival of Japan
Section 6 Kumite and Kata Competitions
Koyama Essay 2 Kata
Section 7 Compulsory Budo in Junior High Schools, and the Road to the Olympics 374
Special Essay Nagura Toshihisa
Section 8 JKF & WKF: Organisation and Activities

Chapter 5 Special Roundtable Discussion